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She was found...

she was found... cloth and bleach

She was found...dead in her cell

She was found...dead by the side of the road

She was found...dead in the park

She was found...dead

These works were initially created in response to Teaira Whitehead. Ms. Whitehead, a 16 year old girl, was found dead in Northview Park, her nude body covered in bleach erasing any evidence of what may have happened to her. This is in memory of her and for so many black, brown and red women who are subject to violence and sometimes even death.

In the broader sense it's a response to crimes committed against black, brown and red women. Each year, month, week, day and minute, women and girls of color go missing, are assaulted by a lover, family member, friend or they are found murdered. The media response to this epidemic is underwhelming and anemic.

At the scene, a chalk outline will demarcate where the body was found. The cloth body represents the form, the shadow, the memory. The body is created by outlining living bodies laying on the floor in uncomfortable reposes. The shape is then cut from black cotton cloth. The body form is bound in rope and treated with bleach in a tie-dyed process, resulting in a visual imprint of damage. The imprint of veiny like lines are organically akin the the veins one can see in leaves, similar to that

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