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Answering the Question, what are white people good at?

Art in Context: Women's Work
A dynamic artists’ talk and virtual conversation presented in conjunction with "Femme Touch", an exhibition centering the untold stories of women and femmes who influenced Andy Warhol. The panel features Naomi Chambers, Christiane Dolores, Christina Lee, and Angela Washko, artists actively making space for women and feminist perspectives to thrive in Pittsburgh’s arts community and beyond. The discussion, moderated by Andréa Stanford, explores the unique challenges and opportunities facing women in the arts, as well as the ways that the changing context of the pandemic and the unprecedented national and global movement for racial justice have impacted women in our community.own text and edit me. It's easy.

Reparations Show in New York, hosted by Nikki Daniels of the D.A.N.A. movement. 
 twisting and reimagining of the weekly variety show every week you can expand your whole Rolodex of Black artists, dancers, musicians, and multidisciplinary artists. This week we were regaled by the best that Pittsburgh 

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