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I am convinced that there is an eighth wonder of the world embodied in the self and spirit of Christiane Dolores--interdisciplinary visual artist, vocalist, storyteller, and writer. Christiane is a rare talent. She is like a multi-colored feather or the flash of red when we see a cardinal for the first time since last year. She uses all her artistic gifts to empower other artists and humans in her presence. She is powerful. She finds the place that is most afraid in another artist and dares the artist to be bold in that place. Yet she does not abandon you to the space of fear but leads you to it and through it in a manner that says, "I've been there." You trust her within moments because she is either unafraid or, what is likely the case, has found, maintained and nurtured her voice and artistic power in spite of fear and setbacks. She transforms the space in a room by her decision to be herself and to invite her audience into the magic she makes. -Dr. Tameka Cage-Conley

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