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As a collage artist, each day, I find myself taking mental snap shots of captured moments, whether it be that of dancing light on store front windows, or facial expressions of people running to cross the street, mini compositions of the world around me.

Bearden has inspired me to think of each of these stored images as future layers of a larger Volume in the ones Love history.

In fact, I initially thought of LOVE Scars as collages, but decided to draw them to capture the interlocking grooves and overlaying of hearts upon hearts, to present a work that would give the viewer the impression of ancient tattoos; the pen driving the ink into the flesh.

The interlocking grooves and hearts represent a love moment, memory, making new pathways in the brain. LOVE SCARS are akin to an emotional topography, showing all of the memories, the good, the bad and the ugly. There can be no disentangling of the bad without erasing some of the good, or so it seems. Does the disentangling destroy the personal map of the Heart?

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